PHENPHEDRINE was designed to stimulate CART and inhibit NPY, thus helping you win the battle of the bulge.

  • Phenphedrine
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Burns fat effectively and quickly
Suppresses appetite drastically
Increases alertness and optimizes energy levels permanently
Boosts physical performance greatly
Converts fat into muscle steadily

Phenphedrine is specially formulated to stimulate C-A-R-T (Cocaine Amphetamine Regulated Transcript) that boosts metabolism and energy while burning fat faster and reducing appetite to manage calorie intake. Phenphedrine also inhibits stress hormones which cause a desire to eat more and blocks fat storage in problem areas like stomach, love handles, glutes and thighs. So we highly recommend Phenphedrine, it is a great product for people who struggle with stress induced by weight gain and controling their appetite. No doubt, Phenphedrine is one of the Best Weight-Loss products we have ever reviewed.

Phenphedrine can mainly do two things, stimulating the CART response in the brain, inhibiting Neuropeptide-Y- or NPY, the stress causing hormone. By stimulating the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript you can speed up your metabolism, curb your appetite, and you effectively convert more fat into energy. By inhibiting the NPY, we can decrease our stress level. Otherwise, our bodies will go through a wide array of side effects, such as the reduced metabolism, and a boost in appetite, a drop in body temperature.

Obesity and overweight problems have led to an increase in lifestyle diseases the world over. Moreover, a flood of diet supplements in the market makes it hard to choose the right one tailor made for you. Phenphedrine is the only chemically altered diet pill designed to stimulate CART and inhibit NPY. Phenphedrine is a hardcore supplement that will give you fast, permanent results you want without the harmful side effects.
- Joanne
I love Phenphedrine! I was getting fed up of not being able to find perfect fitting clothes as the only place I have gained weight is my stomach and that's only baby bump. Most of my bottoms were sittin below my bump making me uncomfortable and I worried always to find perfect fitting. All preganant women should have these! But fortunately, my friend introduced me to Phenphedrine and I'm not half glad she did! I started taking Phenphedrine 2 months ago. The first day I got a lot of energy. I felt like crap after my workout and could barely move, like my stomach felt like it was going to burst. But I still went out and then the morning after I felt abnormally hungover, perhaps because I had been drinking water, and after a couple of hours I felt much better. At night, problem was I had no appetite and I couldn't fall asleep. The second day, I only felt some faint but I could go to sleep. Now I still use it with diet and 2 vigorous hour work outs and mild 30 minute walks twice a week and I have already lost 51lbs! I haven't felt over stimulated at all just more energized.
- Colleen
Hi, I want to tell you the results of using Phenphedrine. Phenphedrine actually works, but if you are sensitive to stimulants I suggest you stay away. If you aren't then give this product a try, because in 1 month using this product I've dropped 14lbs! I'm a size 14 and was therefore reluctant as to just how much this could slim me down. I don't know how it works, but it honestly works, granted I'm no size 8 when I wear it but I'm a lot smoother and look in better shape, best part is the fat seems to just disappear where as I thought it may just be pushed to somewhere else on the body. So it is a wonderful medicine anyway.


  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate: It has been proven to increase the metabolic rate highly, so we put it in the capsules as main ingredient for aiding in weight loss.
  • Chocamine: It is used to improve energy and concentration, suppresse appetite and helps burn fat. It is a "patent pending" cocoa extract that's suppose to have the good benefits of chocolate without the sugar. It contains caffeine and hence, is another stimulant.
  • Humulus Lupulus: Humulus Lupulus can have a calming effect. The inclusion of this ingredient is likely to offset the effects (jitters) of the stimulants in Phenphedrine.
  • Razberri-K: Raspberry Ketone is believed by some to help in fat buring, helps block fat storage.
  • Ginger: Usually it is used to aid in digestion. While there's not much research out there on the effects of ginger on weight loss in humans, it's believed by some to help with arthritis pain and heart disease. Don't plan on it doing much in terms of weight loss.
  • Phenylethylamine: Used to boost energy. It's likely put into Phenphedrine to counteract some of effects of the stimulants.
  • Synephrine: Has been proven to be an effective stimulant in weight loss. The inclusion of synephrine means that the weight loss capsules will be more effective.
  • Evodiamine: Has been shown to contribute to weight loss. It helps increase metabolism and burns fat.
  • Sclareolide: It helps increase metabolism and burns fat.

    Supplement Facts:

  • Specifications: 350mg x 36 capsules
  • Dosage: 1 time per day; 1 capsule per time; before or after breakfast
  • Storage: Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition
  • Valid Period: 24 months
  • Suited Community: 18 to 60 years of age
  • Precaution: Not applicable for pregnant woman and patients of cardio- vascular disease or apoplexy